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5300 Flex building

Welcome to the world of POP, where we wholeheartedly believe that space equals potential. Understanding the nuances of efficient workflow dynamics, we've dedicated ourselves to designing Stage 2 with an exclusive support building. This is more than just a working area; it is a revolutionary paradigm that accentuates your department's ability to expand and engage in the rhythm of productive activity.

Imagine a sprawling 24,000 square feet canvas dedicated entirely to your vision - a vast realm of office and warehouse space that gives your creativity room to breathe and your operations the scope to thrive. The uniqueness of this space lies in its multipurpose functionality; it is flexible enough to host several departments simultaneously, all within a convenient two-minute stroll from the main Stage 2.

Infusing an extra layer of value to this strategic facility is the inclusion of our POPcom Studios Art Department lock up. Every production that steps into this expanse gets unrestricted access to this invaluable resource, an exciting add-on that comes at no additional cost to you. This isn't just about the space; it's about fostering a community of creative minds and providing them with the tools they need to sculpt their imagination into reality.

Should you find your curiosity piqued, or you believe that your enterprise could leverage this extra space, we invite you to experience the allure firsthand. The doors to this standalone building are always open to visionaries and innovators like you. Let us guide you through a tour that could potentially redefine the way your organization operates. Reach out to us today, and let's explore the infinite possibilities together at POP.

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