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Stage 1 Studio A: 30,000 sq ft

Stage 1 Studio B: 48,000 sq ft

Stage 2 Studio A&B: 52,000  sq ft

Stage 1 Office A: 6,800 sq ft

Stage 1 Office B: 7,000 sq ft

Stage 2 Office A: 6,000 sq ft

Stage 2 Office B: 2,000 sq ft

Stage 1 Flex Warehouse: 14,100 sq ft

Stage 1 Flex Office: 2,200 sq ft

Stage 2 Flex: 14,000 sq ft

Stage 2 Flex Office: 3,000 sq ft


Furnished Offices

Turnkey Network Infrastructure via Exchange

WiFi throughout campus

Firewall Protection

Dedicated Accounting Hardwires

Dedicated Office Phone numbers, Conference Line, VM

Printer and Copier Ready

Corporate Grade Security with Alarm and Video Surveillance

Phone-based Access Control for Doors

Dedicated Wardrobe Offices with Dressing Rooms

Parking (100+ per Stage) with available overflow solutions

Set Decoration, Props, and Gear, available with studio rental

Vendor Neutral

Dedicated Electric / House Power at each Stage

Pre-Installed Lock Ups

Dedicated Basecamp Adjacent to Stages

HVAC Solutions On Site

Bell & Light System

Truck Bay + Ramp Access

Sound Dampened Elephant and Bay Doors

24’ Ceiling Height

Pre-constructed Cyc Wall, Blue Screen, Track & Grid

15 Min Drive to Airport, Downtown, Midtown

Close to numerous high end hotel options



Welcome to POPcom Studios, Atlanta's premier film production hub, encompassing 200,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art Stage, Office, Construction Mill, and Flex Space tailored to cater to the diverse needs of Film and Television Productions. Established in 2011, our Atlanta-based facility has been the go-to choice for an array of productions across different genres, formats, and scales.

Conveniently situated in South Fulton County, POPcom Studios is a mere 15 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and only 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta, offering easy access to the vibrant city while avoiding the traffic congestion commonly experienced north of the metropolis.

Our turnkey, production-ready spaces are equipped with industry-leading amenities such as an on-site hanging grid for rigging, elevated decks for custom builds, and dedicated power transformers at each Stage. We are committed to providing flexible pricing options to meet your budgetary requirements. Our "all-in" pricing strategy simplifies the process by eliminating the hassle of navigating complex rate cards and additional fees. 

At POPcom Studios, we believe in transparent and fair billing practices, which is why we offer utilities on a "pass-through" basis. This approach ensures that you only pay for the resources you actually consume during your production, eliminating the burden of hidden costs or inflated fees.

When it comes to vendors, we pride ourselves on our vendor-neutral approach. We believe in empowering Producers by giving them the freedom to collaborate with their preferred partners to achieve their creative vision. We understand that every production is unique, and our commitment to flexibility extends to the selection of vendors and service providers.

Our open policy means that you can engage with the professionals and suppliers of your choice to ensure that your project receives the best possible support, equipment, and expertise tailored to your specific needs. By not imposing restrictions on vendor relationships, we foster a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and creativity, allowing each production to thrive within our facility.

Choose POPcom Studios for an unparalleled production experience in the heart of Atlanta's film industry, where your vision is supported by our commitment to flexibility, exceptional facilities, and a vendor-neutral approach that puts your creative needs first.





5300-A Westpark Dr SW, 

Atlanta, GA 30336

Thank you for reaching out. We will be in touch soon.

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